3 Month Prenatal Program

This 3 month program is custom designed for you. I offer you nutritional advice and guidance that will support you and your baby. I will answer these common questions and many more.

  • Should I eat a specific diet?

  • Are there foods I should avoid?

  • How much weight should I gain?

  • How often should I eat?

  • Can I substitute foods that I don't like?

  • How do I avoid gestational diabetes?

  • Can I follow a vegetarian diet?

This is how the program works:

  • We meet 6 times - every other week by phone or Skype.

  • All meetings are 60 minutes and will include a review of your food diary.

  • You get unlimited emails between calls.

  • You will get handouts, meal plans and recipes.

Each meeting will be different. Some of the things you will learn are: 

  1. How to meet your nutritional needs for each trimester.

  2. How to read labels and shopping options.

  3. How to maintain a healthy microbiome and why this is important.

  4. What supplements are important.

  5. Foods to avoid and food that support pregnancy.

  6. Why water is important and what constitutes water.


To register in this program please click the button below. For information about this program contact me at (201) 927-0648 or laura@lauralacey.com