Prenatal Nutrition Offerings


Eating the right foods helps you feel your best and gives you that healthy pregnancy glow. What you eat now is so important because it affects not only you but also your baby's growth and development. Because your nutritional needs change with each trimester your diet should change too. I offer various programs. One is perfect for you.


3 Month Prenatal Program

This is my signature program, custom tailored for your changing nutritional needs. As your body changes with each trimester so will your diet.

Gestational Diabetes Program

Getting a diagnosis of gestational diabetes can be overwhelming. Working together using diet, exercise and stress reduction I can help.


Custom Meal Plans

Wouldn't it be nice to know that your meals are delicious and support your health and your baby's development too?

One & Done

Sometimes you're doing just fine but there's that one thing you could use help with. This program is hourly coaching.