Online Courses


Online Courses

I've created two online courses just for you and your baby. 

My Baby Massage Online Course is fun and filled with tips for helping your baby sleep better and getting rid of baby's tummy issues. It's also a great way to connect with your baby. And it's something that dad can do too.

The Baby Nutrition Online Course answers all the questions you have about feeding your baby in the first year. Starting with breast feeding and formula feeding and then going onto introducing solids. It includes recipes, interviews with pediatricians, resources and more. You'll never have to second guess how to feed your little one.  

These are both video courses so it's easy to follow along. No matter where you are or what your schedule is you now have access to my classes. You can view them on your computer, tablet or phone. And best of all you they are available to you forever. And if you have questions I'm always available by email.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please contact me at