Gestational Diabetes Program

You probably won't get tested for gestational diabetes until the end of your second trimester. If you test positive it can be very overwhelming. All of a sudden you are pricking your finger and watching your numbers and worrying about your baby. Please don't blame yourself. This is not something that you caused. Pregnancy causes insulin resistance. As your pregnancy progresses, insulin resistance gets worse.  You need help reducing your blood sugar. This can be done with medication and insulin shots but blood sugar can also be controlled with diet. My program consists of 4 meetings by phone or Skype.

  • Meeting 1 - This is a 30 minute informational session where I learn more about you and your family history and eating habits. I will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire and keep a 3 day food and blood sugar log.
  • Meeting 2 - This is a 60 minute meeting 4 days after our initial meeting. We will review your food and sugar log and talk about any challenges you are having. I will answer questions and make suggestions for food substitutions. We will also talk about exercise and stress reduction. 
  • Meetings 3 and 4 - These are both a week apart and will last 60 minutes each. Every meeting is different because your needs change as you pregnancy progresses. We always begin with a review of your food and blood sugar log since the goal is to lower your numbers.
  • Unlimited emails - This gives you access to me in between meeting. If something comes up or you have a question I can always be reached by email.


Call or email me for more information or to get started. (201) 927-0648 or