Gestational Diabetes Program

Sometime between week 24 and week 28 of your pregnancy you will be tested for gestational diabetes. Testing positive can be very overwhelming. Suddenly you are pricking your finger and watching your numbers and worrying about your baby. The first reaction is to blame yourself. Gestational diabetes is not caused by something you did or did not do. Pregnancy can cause gestational diabetes because of the hormones produced by the placenta. You need help reducing your blood sugar. Although this can be done with medication, blood sugar can often be controlled with diet, exercise and stress reduction.

Let me help you. I offer a free initial 20 minute consultation to discuss your unique situation and answer any questions you may have.

Working together consists of 4 meetings by phone. Each subsequent meeting is an hour long. You will have access to unlimited emails between meetings. My goal is to help you understand and manage your gestational diabetes.

At each meeting we will go over your food and blood sugar log. I will make recommendations and give you meal plans based on your log. This is always individually tailored.

  • Meeting 1: In this meeting I will take the mystery out of the numbers. You’ll learn why the numbers are important and what they mean. I’ll explain what I mean by “eating to the meter” and why it can be such a game changer. You’ll learn the importance of snacking and I’ll give you a list of low carb snacks to add to your diet.

  • Meeting 2: We’ll talk about the impact different foods have on blood sugar. You will learn the difference between glycemic load and glycemic index and how to use this information to make healthy food choices. We’ll also discuss food combining.

  • Meeting 3: This meeting focuses on ketones. I’ll explain why some health care professionals are concerned about a diet too low in carbs. You’ll learn the difference between ketones during pregnancy and ketones when you are not expecting.

  • Meeting 4: Our last meeting will emphasize nutrients you need during pregnancy, especially the third trimester. We’ll talk more in depth about stress reduction and exercise as it relates to GD and pregnancy. We’ll end with tips for postpartum.


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