Becoming a Mom


The other day I was looking at my tagline, “bump, baby and beyond” and it made me think about the whole journey from pregnancy to motherhood. It’s such a metamorphosis. Going from being childless to being pregnant to being a mom is dramatic. It’s as radical as a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. By the end of your journey you are a totally different person. Your life will be forever altered and there is no going back. But like the butterfly, you will be so much more than you were before.

The change may begin when you see that pink line on your pregnancy test. Or maybe you missed your period and suspected that you might be pregnant. Or maybe you didn’t do the test but felt yucky and went to your doctor who gave you the news. No matter how it happened for you, once you know that you’re pregnant the change begins.

Before the bump is even visible there’s a mental shift. You realize that by becoming pregnant, you have entered into a contract with the little being that is growing inside of you. And this is a lifetime contract. Life is not only about you anymore. You have something that has been entrusted to you and you will do whatever it takes to make sure that your little being grows into a healthy baby and a wonderful human being.You start to make changes in how you take care of yourself. You may change your diet or exercise routine. Or maybe you’ll decide to reduce the stress in your life. You will start thinking about everything you do with your baby in mind. The changes may be small but there are definitely changes.

Once the bump is visible you start to lose some of your privacy. The world tries to interject itself between you and your baby. You begin to feel protective of your bump.You, who were once a private person have suddenly become very public. People for some insane reason feel they have the right to touch your tummy and ask you questions that are personal and totally inappropriate. They will offer unsolicited advice. At this point the mama bear in your starts to emerge.

After you give birth you feel different. Something has changed. Initially you may feel overwhelmed and you may even miss your old life before baby, but as the weeks and months pass you grow into your role as a mother. You’ve become a super power with a big red “M” on your cape. You’re a transformer and can go from being a mama bear to a silly sally in an instant. You are whatever you need to be for your baby. The safety, security and happiness of your little one is your number one concern. You baby is your priority.

Your baby will continue to grow and so will you.Your relationship will change as this little person becomes their own person.You’ll watch and guide as best you can through all of the milestones from the first tooth to the first day of school.Every win they have will be your joy and every lose your heartache. There is an invisible tether that binds you. And whether you have 1 child or 10, you are bound to each one in a very special and exclusive way. Once you are a mom you will always be a mom. This growth continues a lifetime.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. How did motherhood change you? What was surprising or unexpected? Let me know by leaving a comment below.